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Bill Wolff
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Technical Expert and Writer

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Mr. Bill Wolff has a significant experience base in the more leading edge technologies applied to the transportation industry.  Specifically, he has experiences and success stories in the areas of powertrian operation, the use of alternative fuels in automotive applications, hybrid and electric-only powered vehicles.


Mr. Wolff has developed this experience base through assignments at both OEM and Tier One suppliers in the North American Automotive industry.  Specific highlights of his achievements include:


n                  Developed GM’s first truck-based air-only engine torque management system and PCM-based algorithms

n                  Lead powertrain calibrator for America’s first production Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle Using Compressed Natural Gas as a motor fuel.

n                  Hired/led team of engineers and technicians that designed and produced a small fleet of Hybrid Diesel-Electric busses to the military

n                  Director of Engineering for a Manufacturer Of Record for Bifuel vehicles.  During this time, Mr. Wolff built a Detroit-based development engineering team for a Canadian-based parent firm.  Accomplishments included:

n                  Choosing and completely facilitizing a 20,000 sq ft development center

n                  Building a team of highly motivated and capable engineers to perform powertrain and chasis engineering

n                  Leading the team that developed the first bifuel (cng-gasoline) ULEV certified products in the world.


Mr. Wolff has been awarded several patents for various inventions, as well as had his work cited in defensive publications.  He continues to maintain keen interest in the alternative fuels and sustainable mobility technologies which are expected to enable the continued mobility of our society while reducing our impact on our environment.


Mr. Wolff received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Youngstown State University, Graduating in 1986.  He continues to enhance his engineering skills through numerous on-going technical training programs.  He is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, and has an in-depth understanding of ISO-related quality and certification programs. 

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